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Brief Bio

This is anil kumar giri. I belong to Varanasi (Kashi). Currently, i am pursuing PhD from JNU, new Delhi and have completed M.Tech from the same University.


UGC Net Qualified.


Optimization of Routing protocols in VANET.

Course Taught

The course, i have taught are: DAA, Data Structure, Databases, Operating Systems, C programming language.


1. Learning Based Approach for search engine selection in Meta search.
2. Finding optimal configuration of DSDV using particle swarm optimisation.


1. Distributed Query Processing Plan Generation using Iterative improvement & simulated annealing.
2. Distributed Query Processing Plan Generation using Particle swarm optimisation algorithm.
3. A survey on Human Activity and Gesture Recognition.
4. Automatic Parameter Tunning of ad-hoc On demand multipath Distance Vector Routing using particle swarm optimisation.
5. Parameter value optimisation of ad-hoc on demand multipath distance vector routing using teaching-Learning based optimisation.