Poster making competition on “Save Water Save Lives” and Plantation of Trees in Adopted Village school (15th August 2021)

Celebration of 75th Independence Day on 15th August 2021 at Primary School Asalat Nagar, Muradnagar Independence day is the occasion to remember and reiterate the ideals on which our struggle for independence was fought. Every year to mark the occasion, major communication initiative is undertaken by the EBSB Club. To make the process more participative, it has been decided to launch a poster making competition on the topic “Save Water Save Lives” under EBSB Club by KIET Group of Institutions to mark the occasion of 75th Independence Day along with events like “Tree Plantation” and “Normal Medical Checkup” for the school girls. The event was organized at Asalat Nagar, Muradnagar for the school students aged between 5 to 10 years. Although, students participated pretty well and gathered in the school premises for the event. But, relevant precautions were taken and guidelines were followed regarding COVID-19. Students participated with full enthusiasm and devoted precious moments to celebrate the Independence Day.

Webinar By EBSB Club

EBSB club had organized the most intriguing and edifying event (webinar) for you all kiet students. The topic of the webinar was- "Water conservation" (Water = Life, Conservation = Future!)
No water, no life! So it is our responsibility to conserve this life nectar.
This time to motivate all the students EBSB club organized this webinar where the students reaped an opportunity to attend a speaker session of the renowned orators, through which one can enrich their understanding of the habitat.
The speakers were wholeheartedly welcomed by the student coordinators and the event commenced on a very optimistic note: 1. Arushi Aran, 2. Gunjan Main, 3. Meenakshi Karnwal
Students showed full enthusiasm and raised many queries in between the event, which was very well taken by the speakers. In the end, the student coordinators lent Thank You note to the speakers of the day.
The webinar was smoothly conducted under the direction of our faculty coordinators: -Dr.Ranchay Bhateja, Associate Professor (KIET School of Management), Ms. Shweta Singh (Assistant Professor (KIET School of Management)
Student Coordinator - Mansi Mishra, Khushboo Singh and Yogesh managed the event very efficiently.
In all 50 STUDENTS from Engineering, Pharmacy and MBA students attended the session.

Debate Competition EBSB Club

As a part of Ek Bharat Sreshtha Bharat (EBSB) Club, KIET School of Management organized a debate competition which was open to Engineering, Pharmacy and MBA students. Following are the details of the same:
Topic - "Tree planting “A key weapon against global warming"
Date: 28th June 2021
Medium: English/ Hindi
Timing: 3.00 -500 pm
The judges were warmly welcomed and event was management by the student coordinators (Mansi Mishra, Khushboo Singh, and Yogesh) and the event commenced with a healthy battle of thoughts. Students showed full enthusiasm throughout the event retained, robust notions on their ideas and views. The event was successfully conducted under the guidance of faculty coordinators - Dr.Ranchay Bhateja, Associate Professor (KIET School of Management) and Ms. Shweta Singh (Assistant Professor, KIET School of Management)
In all 90 students participated in the event.
Winners of the event-
1st Prize- Unnati and Akshita
2nd Prize- Tanmay

Essay Writing Competition By EBSB Club

India is the land of unity in diversity. From North to South and from East to West, there is no dearth of diversity in our country. Cultures, languages, colors, cuisines get beautifully amalgamated yet maintain their individual essence. To celebrate the spirit of the country and to create awareness about cultural diversity, EBSB (Ek Bharat Sreshtha Bharat Club) organized an essay writing competition for the students of KIET Group of Institutions on the eve of our Republic Day, 25th January 2020. The topic was, “Cultural Differences in the Lifestyle of North India and North East India”. 50 students participated in the event and came up with beautiful ideas to embrace and celebrate the differences in two regions. Participants highlighted the fact that the cultures of both the regions, though vary in their lifestyle practices but still are very similar when it comes to fundamental values. The event was coordinated by Dr.Ranchay Bhateja, Assosciate Professor (KIET School of Management) and Ms. Neha Singh (Assistant Professor, KIET School of Management). Student Apex Coordinator, Mr Sandeep Kapoor, MBA II year student managed the event very efficiently. Following were the rules for the competition:
1. Word Limit : 2000 words including references
2. Time: 1 hour
3. Medium: English
4. There should not be any plagiarism
5. Timing: 3.00 -4.00 pm
6. Reporting Time: 2.45 pm
7. Criteria for judgement: clarity of the concept, content and relevance, originality, presentation and writing effectiveness, structure and flow of writing.

Debate Competition By EBSB Club

As a part of Ek Bharat Sreshtha Bharat (EBSB) Club, KIET School of Management organized a debate competition which was open to Engineering, Pharmacy and MBA students. Following are the details of the same:
1. Topic: Growth VS Migration: the way forward for NE India
2. Date: 28th February 2020
3. Time: 10 mins
4. Medium: English
5. Team consisted of 2 members one for and one against the motion
6. Timing: 3.00 -4.00 pm
7. Reporting Time: 2.45 pm
8. If asked by the jury, the participant had to produce the proof of the facts and figures mentioned in the delivery.
9. It was a moderated debate and the role of moderator was played by students nominated by the jury.
10.Criteria for judgement: Delivery, content and relevance, originality, defence of ideas, body language and handling of counter questions.
In all, 12 teams participated in the event and put forward their views on the topic.