Best Practices

To promote Teaching Learning and Research activities, KIET Group of Institutions follows the institutional best practices as below-

  • KIET Group of Institutions is playing an important role in the overall development of their students. The goal is not only to enrich the knowledge but shape up the students career. In this view, the institute is initiated an Academic System with a purpose to introduce students with the new guidelines of the KIET Group of Institution’s system for better learning outcomes.

  • Institute has already adopted the format of Outcome Based Education (OBE) in the whole learning structure. All the attainments (COs and POs calculation) required to be calculated are done through the in house developed ERP software (NBA ERP Module) automatically for finding the gaps and action taken.

  • To ensure quality enhancement, the Institute periodically conducts the performance audit of the departments (by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell) which includes review of teaching – learning methodologies, extension activities, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities conducted during the academic year.

  • As per institute policy, Scholarship/Incentives are given to the students for scoring good percentage in semester exams. Above 75 percent marks as the student will score more marks the amount of scholarship will increase.

  • For promoting teaching and learning beyond syllabus at institute level, many technical clubs/innovation centers are operational for skill enrichment of students.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship – We are motivating students to opt industry based projects through TBI (Technology Business Incubator) and give them the required skill to become successful entrepreneur.

  • KIET has good connect with local industries through Indian Industries Association for providing students Industry exposure and problem solving.

  • We are providing internships to the students through start ups with the help of TBI.

  • Dronacharya Award is given for best teaching faculty member at departmental level and C.V Raman award is given to 10 best researchers at the institute level every year.

  • Online Teaching & Learning: Due to COVID-19, the Institution has shifted to online learning education through different platforms for example:- MS Team, Google class room and institute’s Moodle server. E-content is developed by all the faculty members in the form of self shoot videos and PPT slides. All the video lectures are uploaded on KIET Career Maestro YouTube channel. The links of all the recorded videos are provided to the students through Moodle LMS.

  • The Academic guidelines have been changed during the COVID-19 for the smooth conduct of all academic activities. Assessment and evaluation of internal examinations have been done online using LMS.

  • The students who presents technical paper in the inter-institute events, all the expenses of student is reimbursed by the institute itself through student reimbursement policy for encouraging research culture among the students.