Student Clubs


E-booster is a club in association with the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Club incepted in the year 2016. The sessions imparting the initiative for the students of the second and third year by the fourth-year students. For spreading the strengths and alliance of knowledge to learn, enhance and grow in the skillset of
-- Communication Skills
-- Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
-- Technical Aptitude and Coding

The discourse endeavors to attain an insightful expedition. The peer – learning earnestly look forward for the comprehended association with each- other to develop technical skills to competent global leaders with entrepreneurial orientation and holistic approach to adapt to rapidly changing world.

Why E – Boosters?

In order to increase the ease and probability of economically better placement as per the current demand of the industries, the E Boosters cadre in guidance of Soft Skills training team is uniquely operating within and also beyond the prescribed curriculum. The chief intent is to emphasize the key subjects and push for the practice-based learning for the applicable skill development and efficiency improvement of the students.
To develop responsible business leaders, technocrats, and entrepreneurs through.
-> An education based on practical and technological competency resulting in knowledge and skills valued by employers leading to employability.
-> Application-oriented research relevant to engineering and management that flows into the learning process.
-> Inspirational and creative teaching which encourage students to assimilate, analyze and apply relevant knowledge.
-> A personalized mentoring practice which commends individuality and motivates students to become lifelong learners.
The E Boosters sessions take place every Monday and Wednesday of the week.