Languages Offered


Why German language?

German language is the second most used scientific language and Germany is the third largest contributor to research and development. This country awards a generous number of scholarships to support study and offers research fellowships to scientists from abroad.

The German  academic  landscape has always opened its doors to foreign talent and have a lot to offer- free tuition, scholarships and research funding, and a booming job market.

Knowing the language will improve our relations, chances for effective communication and success in European Union. This will increase the job opportunities with German and foreign companies in your own country and abroad.

College education in Germany is free. As education is subsidized by the state and therefore higher education charge no tuition fee. You will have to pay small amount of fees for some private university depending upon the courses.

Levels Offered at institute level

A1 Beginner
A2 Elementary
B1 Intermediate
B2 Upper Intermediate
C1 Advanced
C2 Highly Competent

Career opportunities

1. Automotive/Automobile jobs

Automobile industry covers – around 20 percentof total German industry revenue. It is top one automotive industry in entire Europe. Students from B. Tech Mechanical Engineering have huge scope in this field. German engineering has always known to be highly reliable.

Mercedes-Benz. BASF India Ltd.
Audi Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd.
BMW Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

2. Software developer and IT Researcher

Germany spends 2.8% of its GDP on research and development of the Engineering & IT sector. 109.5 billion Euros was spent on research and development in Germany in 2019. This boost opportunities for the students doing B.Tech in Software engineering and from IT branch as well. From the last 2-3 years the demand of IT specialist and software developers has increased in Germany.

3. Pharmaceutical Industry

Germany ranks among 4th in the Biggest Global Pharmaceutical Markets In The World. The largest pharmaceutical company of Germany is BAYER which has total sales of some 41.4 billion euros reported in 2020 year. Berlin’s pharmaceutical industry has a wide range of professions: all professions that are concerned with developing, manufacturing and marketing medicinal products, such as finished drugs, vaccines, and gene therapies etc.

Learning German language will increase job opportunities with different German based pharmaceutical in India and Abroad also.

Bayer Boehringer Ingelheim
BioNtech Novartis Deutschland
Merck & Co. Fresenius Kabi