Global Exposure

The international spectrum captures KIET in its cosmopolitan flight and unmatched glory

The international spectrum of KIET Group of Institutions harbors all our Intercontinental relations, collaborations and internships. There are multiple opportunities that lie ahead of our students and will benefit them with future career opportunities by providing more life experiences and personal connections, complementing and accelerating fluency in speaking, reading, and writing foreign languages. Another benefit of studying overseas is the new perspective that students develop on their subject, allowing them to look at an academic area from a previously unseen angle.

Attending lectures and classes within a global community alongside the opportunity for networking with like-minded people from various cultures provide immense opportunities to build an international career after university.

We believe in acquiring any and every opportunity that might help our students shine globally as leaders of tomorrow and contribute significantly to our society.


We are boundlessly motivated to imprint KIET’s flag on the national and international arena and to create awareness about various programs available after the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at both levels.

Our vision is to elevate the institute’s global engagement to world-class standards and establish a setup to develop strong and sustainable international partnerships with research laboratories, academic institutions, industries and entrepreneurs in order to meet the aspirations of our faculty and student communities.