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09 May 2020

Alumni Meet on 9th May 2020

Greetings of the day!

Alumni connect is a very important aspect of any reputed and good organisation. It is also required by all accreditation agencies and it is the need of the hour as it will improve the industry connect and provide guidance/helping hand to current students in the Industries. To improve the same, the Department has started the alumni column in its monthly technical newsletter so alumni will feel connected. 

Due to lockdown, an alumni meet was conducted on 9th May 2020 at 5:00pm on Google meet with placement coordinator and 8 alumni. 

Following were the main points of discussion:

1. Alumni meet is required for not only by the Department but they are also the need of every alumnus as it will help to create their own network. It is very well accepted by all alumni. It was discussed that how alumni connect can help in their career progression. So it is decided that every alumnus will add 10 alumni to the Department WhatsApp group of Alumni and call them in the next meeting. It was also discussed how AlmaConnect can be utilised to strengthen the alumni connect of the MCA Department.

2.  Alumni Association: It was observed that if these activities are Department driven then they will not sustain. So it is decided that there is a need of alumni association where all position holders are alumni. It is also observed that until alumni association is not formed, frequent meetings are required. Mr Chetan voluntarily took the responsibility to start this process and finalise the structure of association.

3. Alumni Column: Alumni column is a good initiative to connect current students with alumni. It will provide the opportunity to publish their articles and at the same time where students can know about the current industry trends and the demand of the industry. Mr. Nitin and Mr. Mantu are willing to write the articles for upcoming issues.

4. Meetings will be conducted only on weekends as all will be available that time.

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