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22 Dec 2019

National Mathematics Day Organised By - DEPARTMENT OF APPLIED SCIENCE on 22 Dec 2019

National Mathematics Day 2019 was organized by the applied science department, KIET group of institutions on 22nd December, 2019. In which we have organized interdisciplinary competitions among different schools, out of which 90 students from classes IX, X, XI, XII and B.Tech 1st year took part in the various activities organised on this day in the memory of the great mathematician Shri Ramanujan. It was co-ordinated by the faculty of Applied Science department and the volunteers of 1st year who worked very hard for the event to be organised successfully. There were many activities organised like Quiz based on Mathematics, Poster/Project/Model presentation and Expert lectures. It was a good day, full of memories and fun for all the students. At the end, Participation certificates were given to all the participants along with a mug as a momento and the top 3 position holders were also felicitated by trophies.