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20 Jul 2020

Summer School & Workshop on Computer Aided Drug Discovery & Development Tools by KSOP on 20 July 20

KIET’s International Summer School & Workshop on “Computer Aided Drug Design & Discovery Tools” on 20 July 2020 to 24 July 2020

In view of the urgency to discover drugs against COVID-19, MHRD has launched Drug Discovery Hackathon-2020. It aims to promote computer based drug discovery among young researchers by utilization of the cost & time effective computational drug design tools towards discovery of drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. KIET’s International Summer School & Workshop on “Computer Aided Drug Design & Discovery Tools” aims to introduce students and faculty to various CADD approaches and tools available for drug discovery & development.  

Guest for Inauguration:
Dr. Girinath G. Pillai (Coordinator-Drug Discovery Hackathon-2020, Zastra Innovation-Bangluru)
Dr. Amik Garg (Director-KIET Group of Institutions)
Dr. Manoj Goel (Joint Director, KIET Group of Institutions)

The eminent speakers/Trainers were:

  1. Dr. Girinath G. Pillai, Zastra Innovations & Coordinator- Drug Discovery Hackathon 2020
  2. Dr. Anand Gaurav, UCSI Univ., Malaysia
  3. Dr Arijit Basu, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, USA
  4. Dr. Marwa Omar, Nat. Res. Inst., Cairo, Egypt
  5. Dr. Saroj Verma, DPSRU, New Delhi
  6. Mr. Sheikh Murtuja, BIT, Mesra
  7. Dr. Shilpi Chauhan, Lloyd Pharmacy College, Gr. Noida
  8. Dr. K. Nagarajan, KSOP
  9. Dr. Abhay Bhardwaj, KSOP
  10. Dr. Parul Grover, KSOP
  11. Mr. Surya Prakash, KSOP

Some of the important topics included in session were-

Basics of bioinformatics, Ligand based drug design, Role of ADMET in drug discovery, Target based drug design, CADD success stories, Hands on training for AutoDock, ADMET softwares.

Summary of event:

Total number of participants 614 Delhi-NCR, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Punjab, Haryana, Chattisgarh, West Bengal
Outside KIET participants   IIT-Mumbai, IIT Hyderabad, Jamia Hamdard-Delhi, DPSRU-Delhi, BR Nahata College of Pharmacy, MP LNCT, Bhopal Devi Ahilya Bai College of Pharmacy, Indore MMU-Ambala, Uttarakhand Tech Univ, Amity University-Noida, Parul University- Gujrat, Banasthali University, S V Subharti Univ., Meerut RKGIT, ITS,
KIET participants   Students (UG, PG); Faculty
Speakers (National/International) Dr. Girinath G Pillai Coordinator-Drug Discovery Hackathon 2020
  Dr. Anand Gaurav USCI University, Malaysia
  Dr. Arijit Basu Senior Scientist, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Cambridge, USA (Post-Doc, MIT, Cambridge)
  Dr. Marwa Omar National Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt
  Dr. Saroj Verma Assoc. Prof., DPSRU, New Delhi
  Dr. Shilpi Chauhan Lloyd Pharmacy College, Greater Noida
  Mr. Sheikh Murtuja Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra


Convener: Dr. Jagannath Sahoo (Principal, KSOP)
Coordinator: Dr. Vaishali M. Patil (Assoc. Prof. (Research)-KSOP)

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