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18 Oct 2020

KSOP Organized a Webinar on “Start-Ups: An Initiative for better Healthcare ...” on 18-Oct-2020

Webinar on Theme “Start-Ups: An Initiative for better Healthcare Services by Young Professionals” on 18th October 2020, Time 12 noon to 2 pm at MST platform.

The programme commenced with welcoming of Director Sir, Dr. (Col.) A. Garg, Joint Director Sir, Dr. Manoj Goel and Dean Academics, Dr. Anil Ahlawat.

Principal, KSOP, Dr. K.Nagarajan, faculty members, students and all participants were also welcomed.

All distinguished speakers, Dr. Govind Sharma, Ex-Chief IPR, NRDC, Govt. of India; Dr. Vijay Kumar, Ex-Director, MSME, Govt. of India, Mr. Sandeep Soni, CEO ApniCare Pharmacy, Mr. Satendra Kumar, Dean, IAEC and General Manager, TBI, KIET and Mr. Ashish Thombre, Associate Professor & Head of Entrepreneurship Center, TBI, KIETwere also extended a warm welcome.

Saraswati Vandana was played after welcoming the dignitaries and this was followed by the welcome note by Dr. K.Nagarajan Principal KIET School of Pharmacy to the dignitaries, guest speakers and all the participants. Objective of the seminar was mentioned and Director Sir Dr. (Col.) A. Garg was requested to address all the participants and also present his talk on “Paradigm Shift towards “Atma Nirbhar Bharat”.

Director’s Sir highly motivated all the audience and his presentation enlightened the audience about the importance and need for Start-Ups. This was followed by Mr. Satendra Sir talk who with his charisma, gained the attention of all audience. His presentation was on TBI Schemes and Entrepreneurship.

The next session was of Dr. Govind Sharma who explained the concepts of IPR in a very simple manner to all participants.

Then a small quiz was arranged where the students had to attempt at least 50% correct answers in order to be eligible for the certificates. This was followed by next speaker, Mr. Sandeep Soni an entrepreneur who interacted with the students and conveyed his success journey by Start-up graduated from TBI, KIET.

The next session was of Dr. Vijay Kumar who discussed various MSME Schemes for promoting Start-Ups followed by a small presentation made by Mr. Ashish Thombre who talked about TBI Schemes for promoting Start-ups.

Around 150 participants had attended the webinar. Ist, 2nd and 3rd winners of Quiz were announced.

The session ended by giving Vote of Thanks to all speakers and guests, participants by Dr. Manoj Goel followed by National Anthem.

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