Events Detail

07 Nov 2020

A Webinar On Pharmacy Careers In The United States Held On 07 November 2020 by KSOP


  • A webinar on ‘Pharmacy Careers in the United States’ was organized by Career Guidance Cell, KIET and KIET School of Pharmacy in association with SIMPLED on 7th November’2020 at 10:30AM with the objective to interact with expert professionals working in the US and to learn about their earning potential and opportunities.

  • More than 200 participants registered themselves for participating in this event.

  • The target audience was the budding pharmacists who are currently pursuing their Bachelors or Masters in Pharmacy.

  • The Expert Panel included Dr. Anum Tanvir (MD, Physician, Prima Medicals, San Francisco, California), Dr. Terrance Graham (SIO, School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California) and Ms. Khyati Ashtekar (Practising Pharmacist, MS, Regulatory Science).

  • Dr. Anum Tanvir emphasized about the role of pharmacists in the United States in dispensing the drugs, monitoring the dose and dosage to be administered to the patient and taking care of the patients day and night. She emphasized on the fact that the healthcare profession requires the coordination between the physician and the pharmacist for medications, disease prevention and management and patient education.

  • Dr. Terrance Graham discussed about the career opportunities for Pharmacy students in the United States. He elaborated about the array of academic departments such as Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical & Economic Sciences and Regulatory & Quality Sciences are offered by the University of Southern California. He also exhibited the significance of Research Centres, Global Partnerships and Career Directions for Pharma students.

  • Ms. Khyati Ashtekar is an Indian Student who has completed her masters in Regulatory Affairs from California. She shared her experiences pertaining to career opportunities and moreover she motivated the students to be firm in their determination and strive hard to achieve their ambition to study abroad.

  • The students participated very passionately and resolved their queries pertaining to opportunities for higher education or jobs in the United States.

  • The webinar was very well planned and executed by the SIMPLED in coordination with Dr. Preeti Chitkara (Coordinator Career Guidance Centre, KIET) and Dr. Deepti Katiyar (Assistant Professor, KIET School of Pharmacy).