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08 Mar 2021

ICC has Organized a workshop for females on "How to Excel at Workplace & Maintain Work-life Balance" on 8th March 2021

KIET Group of Institutions organized a workshop for all the female faculty, staff, and students on “How to excel at workplace & maintain Work-life balance” under the flagship of its Internal Complaints Committee of KIET on 8 March 2021. The event was graced by the presence of Lt. Col. Ankita Srivastava (Veteran) who shared her own life voyage and threw light on how to become mentally strong and resilient.

Lt. Col. Srivastava focused on how a female’s life changes at 180-degree angle and presents itself with various challenges. She advocated the fact that life is like a Rubik’s cube which is challenging yet has got a solution. She shared how she - a young girl of Allahabad became the first girl of the city to get commissioned in the Indian Army and yet she had to fulfill all the responsibilities of being a female. Her session was insightful for it was based on her own life experiences and thus, the attendees got inspired by her words wrapped in elegance and valor.

Lt. Col. Ankita Srivastava motivated all the women to have ambitious and never ever give up on them. She shared that one should follow the simple rule of right time, right place and the right dress code. One should never compromise or hide their feelings and talk more about what they feel. Women does not need to be super women or superhuman being, they should enjoy womanhood and thereby life and let go of things that are not in her favor. One should learn to underplay when it is the need of an hour. She concluded the session by emphasizing the importance of being confident and gracious and one should always wear a smile.

The Director of the institute Dr. (Col.) A. Garg apprised all about the sincere efforts which the institute has been rendering for making it a comfy place for all the female faculty, staff and students wherein various initiatives like the establishment of ICC (Internal Complaints Committee), on campus availability of Counsellor etc. are some of the prominent steps. The institute is striving hard to provide all round development to all the students with zero gender bias and can vouch on the laurels that are being brought by the female students and faculty members of the institute.

The Chairperson of ICC - Dr. Ritu Gupta said that such events act as a motivating force for all female as well as male members and would be organized more frequently in future. Dr. Preeti Chitkara, Manager - Institutional Affairs proposed the Vote of Thanks and expressed gratitude to all present. The event was attended in umpteen number wherein the Joint Director - Dr. Manoj Goel, Administrative officer, HODs, faculty, staff and students witnessed the same.

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