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24 Aug 2021

Yakult Danone Vitual Industrial Tour by KSOP on 24 August 2021

KIET School of Pharmacy, KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad, Delhi-NCR organized One Day Virtual Industrial Tour to Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd. Sonipat, Haryana on 24th August at 12:00 PM which as attended by 155 participants.

TheeventstartedwithwelcomingtherespectedindustrydelegatesMr.AadishJain(Sr.Executive) and Mr. Tushar (Sr. Executive) from Department of Public Relations, Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd. Sonipat; Respected Prof.(Dr.) K. Nagarajan, Principal, KIET School of Pharmacy; Respected Prof. (Dr.) N. G. Raghvendra Rao (Add. HOD), KIET School of Pharmacy; Respected Heads from Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy Department; Respected Faculty members and dear students from B. Pharm 4th Sem, 6th Sem and 8thSem.

A brief profile about the company and industry delegates was shared by the MOC (Ms. Vidhu Saxena), which was followed by welcoming of Mr. Aadish Jain and Mr. Tushar by Prof. (Dr). K. NagarajanandProf.(Dr.)N.G.RaghvendraRao,respectively,withavirtualbanquetteofflowers. After this, Dr. K. Nagarajan, Principal, KIET School of Pharmacy was invited to address the gathering with his motivatingwords.

Then, the session was handed over to Mr. Aadish Jain who segregated the Virtual Visit into 3 sections :

  1. Power Point Presentation
  2. InformationalVideos
  3. Virtual Tour to ManufacturingFacility

Power Point Presentation :

  1. AadishJaininitiatedthevirtualindustrialvisitwithathoroughandwellexplainedpowerpoint presentation wherein he covered all the aspects related with Yakult. He started with the history of Yakult, its founder, principle of shirotism and different sections of their manufacturing facility including manufacturing, mixing, homogenization, filling, packaging and different distribution channels like:
  • Retail chain (kirana shops, DMART, SPENCERS, BIG BAZAR,etc)
  • Institution Sale (collaboration with more than 500 hospitals across thecountry)
  • Home Delivery (Concept of Yakult Ladies who channelize the sales and marketing). At present, there are more than 300 Yakult Ladies in India and more than 80,000 Yakult Ladies working across theglobe.

Informational Videos :

Various interactive videos were also played in between so as to make students understand about the basic facts about Yakult like :

  • When a person can have Yakult (morning, afternoon or night)? : Any time is suitable around theday
  • Can Yakult be heated? :No
  • What is the best Storage temperature for Yakult? :10OC

Virtual Tour to Manufacturing Facility :

A high quality, customized and well designed virtual tour was shared by Mr. Aadish Jainwherein studentswereinformedaboutthedifferentsectionsavailableatthemanufacturingunitspreadover an area of 3 acres:

  • The plant has a capacity to manufacture 1 million bottles perday
  • The unit has world class IBM bottle manufacturing unit which can manufacture 14000 bottles per hour which are recyclable innature
  • The Quality Control Department conducts various test including physiochemical and microbiological parameters; IPQC sample testing like seed culture, mixing, blending; specific gravity, pH, lactobacillus count, density, shelf life study,etc.
  • The filling section has sophisticated machines which can fill 45,000 bottlers per hour, i.e, 750 bottles perminute
  • The sealing of bottles is facilitated through heatsealing
  • Thepackagingareahas2machines.Thefirstmachinecreates1packof5bottleeachwhile the second machine creates a pack of 50 bottleseach.

After the completion of virtual visit, a Q&A round was conducted wherein students asked many relevant questions with the industry delegates who answered them so as to satisfy their query.

The event was well appreciated by all the participants and ended with felicitation of industry delegates by Principal KIET School of Pharmacy.

At the end, MOC thanked everyone for being a wonderful audience and marked the successful completion of the event.

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