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18 Feb 2022

A Guest talk on "Pharma Careers: Current Trends and Future Prospects" was organized by KSOP on 18th Feb 2022

The programme commenced with welcoming our Guest Speaker “Mr. Rajiv Duggal, Prof. (Dr.) K.Nagarajan- Principal -KSOP, Prof.(Dr.) N.G. Raghvendra Rao, Addl.HOD, faculty members and students by Dr. Roma Ghai, Associate Professor, KIET School of Pharmacy, KIET Group of Institutions.

The Guest Speaker was welcomed with a virtual bouquet of flowers by Prof.(Dr). N.G. Raghavendra Rao.

Then the speaker was introduced by Dr. Roma Ghai and the session began by the guest speaker “Mr. Rajiv Duggal”, Founder Director Skynzation Farmacos India.

His session covered the following points:

1.The attitudinal traits that can help the students in their professional career in pharma market.

2. To discover the gaps or unmet needs of society and create a demand for your innovative product or service. He gave the examples of companies who are into evolving themselves to serve the society.

3.. Career opportunities for fresh talent are wide open not only within core pharma sector yet beyond and deeper as well (like the iceberg). He referred to para-pharma sectors like Medical Devices, Cosmeceutics, Nutraceutics, Organics, Diagnostics etc. Other verticals that can be explored are like Medical Writing. Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Pharmaco-vigilance, Risk Consulting etc.

He also gave his own example that how his right perseverance attitude has helped him grew in career and then finally to be an entrepreneur to have his own Start-Up

The session given by Mr. Rajiv Duggal enlightened all the participants as the he threw lot of valuable insights into the new avenues of health sciences.

The session ended by giving vote of thanks and an e-certificate of appreciation to our guest speaker by Prof. (Dr.) N.G. Raghvendra Rao, Additional Head, KIET School of Pharmacy, KIET Group of Institutions.

Around 175 participants (B.Pharm and M.Pharm students) attended the session.

The Guest Talk was well concluded and coordinated by the faculty Co-ordinator Dr.Roma Ghai and Mr.Praveen Kumar Dixit.

All the students were provided e-certificates for attending the session by Mr.Praveen K.Dixit -Asst.Head ,Dept.Skill Development Cell.


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