Events Detail

03 May 2022

An Interaction with Mr. Arun Tiwari (Software Consultant, Lyreco, Netherland) was organized by Department of Computer Applications on May 3, 2022


An Interaction with Mr. Arun Tiwari (Software Consultant, Lyreco, Netherland) was held on May 3, 2022. The meeting was held on Microsoft Team in online mode, which started at 11:30 am and attended by more than 80 students along with few faculty members. The meeting was attended by students of MCA First Year (2021-22), KIET, Ghaziabad.


The meeting was held around the agenda set as per the shared project documentation. The document was shared on April 30, 2022. Following are the list of objectives discussed during the meeting:

  • Understanding the initiation of the project based on the shared documentation.
  • Initiating the project, based on the understanding developed with sample document.
  • Handling various development challenges evolving at runtime.
  • Evolving agile methodologies to have better customer satisfaction.
  • Analysing the effectiveness of communication skill for acquiring customer needs.
  • Handling implementation or delivery challenges for intended software through Software Content Management (SCM).


During the meeting 100% involvement of students had been observed and they were found keen to know each of the aspects in respect of software development. The discussion was found quite motivational and informative for our students as felt during the discussion held separately after the meeting. Even though the meeting lasted for almost 2 hours, but the curiosity was found continuing. Many of the things are required to be addressed, which was not possible to be handled in one go, because the allotted query duration was found not sufficient even though after stretching it from 15 minutes to more than 30 minutes. It was not possible to be stretched further because of the professional meeting in which Mr. Tiwari was expected to participate at his workplace. It is the first interaction in the series of project development guided by our alumni. The next interaction will be scheduled after the CT1 exams.