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23 Apr 2022

A National Webinar Cum Workshop was organized on the topic “Paradigm Shift from Conventional to Innovative Pharmaceutical Research” by KIET School Of Pharmacy on 23rd April 2022

A “National Webinar Cum Workshop” was organized on the topic “Paradigm Shift from Conventional to Innovative Pharmaceutical Research” by KIET School Of Pharmacy, KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad in association with M/s Whizbang Bioresearch Pvt. Ltd., Chennai on 23rd April 2022 at MS Teams platform.

The program commenced with welcoming of Joint Director Sir, Dr. Manoj Goel, and the Chief Guest Dr. Harvinder Popli, Director, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences & DPSRU Innovation and Incubation Foundation, Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University (DPSRU) and Guest of Honour, Dr. Kanchan Kohli Director Research and Publications, Lloyd Institute of Management and Technology and eminent speaker Dr. Rajeev Kharb, Associate Professor & Centre Head – Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Analysis, Amity Institute of Pharmacy, Amity University, Noida, Ms. Shanmugapriya Surenderan, Managing Director, Whizbang Bioresearch Pvt. Ltd., Chennai and & Mr. Vishal Choudhari, Head Clinical Operations, Clinindia.

Dean Academics Dr. Anil Ahlawat and Principal, KIET School Of Pharmacy, Dr. K. Nagarajan, all the HOD’s of KIET School of Pharmacy and all faculty and students of KIET School of Pharmacy as well as faculty, students/delegates from other institutions of India were also welcomed.

All the dignitaries, Chief Guest and Guest of Honour were felicitated with a virtual bouquet as a token of honor and respect.

This was followed by a virtual video of “Maa Saraswati Vandana’ played by Mr. Praveen K. Dixit. A welcome address wasdelivered by Principal, KIET School of Pharmacy, Prof.(Dr.)K.NagarajanSir. This was followed by a motivating address by our Hon’ble Joint Director, Dr. Manoj Goel to the participants.

After that, Dr. Harvinder Popli was invited to start her presentation and her profile was introduced by Dr. Roma Ghai, Associate Professor, KIET School of Pharmacy.

Dr. Harvinder Popli gave the insights into the paradigm shifts into pharmaceutical sector. Madam discussed the opportunities for health care start-ups as well as the future trends and technologies in health care start-ups. She cited the examples of Big Data Analytics, 3D printing applications, cloud infrastructure in Health record maintenance and nano and precision medicines. 

Madam also emphasized the measures taken by the Govt of India to uplift Indian Pharma Industry. She explained how NEP 2020 shall help in boosting the innovative research as it is offering schemes like Attal Innovation Mission, BIRAC and many others. She briefed on a start-up ecosystem and roles of incubators, accelerators that shall provide opportunities for industry-academic collaboration.

At the end of the session, there was an Interactive Q&A session was organized to clear all the doubts. Allparticipantswerehappyattheendofthesession. This was followed by session of 2nd speaker Dr. Kanchan Kohli. The talk focused on process of drug discovery and development starting from the ways of target identification, lead discovery, in-vitro and in-vivo studies to clinical trials. She discussed the reasons of failure of drugs in the Indian market and that one of the most important reasons is lack of solubility thus lack of bioavailability. She also stressed on the orphan drugs used for treatment of rare diseases. She emphasized on the recent developments in healthcare including the use of nanotechnology plus gene therapy for treatment of torpedo cancer and also told that results of first gene therapy for inherited blindness has shown sight improvement. She also gave an overview of nano-cosmeuticals. The session was very knowledgeable and informative.

3rd Session was by speaker Dr. Rajeev Kharb, he presented his talk on “Trends in Quality research publications”. He explained the concept and significance of citations, impact factor and explained the calculation of h-index, i10-index. He showed the different types of bogus journal matrices used by poor journal to attract publications. He also discussed how to find Cloned Journal list from UGC Care. Then he discussed the responsibilities of author with respect to plagiarism. His session was very informative and highly valuable to the whole audience.

In the afternoon, there was an online workshop conducted by Ms. Shanmugapriya Surenderan, Managing Director, Whizbang Bioresearch Pvt. Ltd., Chennai on the topic “ Use of Zebra Fish in Medical Research: Neurobehavioural and Histopathological Methods.

She discussed the applications of Zebra Fish in neurological disorders and explained the procedure of various tests like anxiety & stress test, light/dark performance test, social behaviour (Shoaling test), startle response with the help of videos. She discussed the steps involved in conducting histopathology of zebra fish. Also, she displayed the slides of histopathological sections of tissues of zebra fish.

The whole session was full of learning for the participants.

The last session was delivered by Mr. Vishal Chaudhari, Head of Operations, CliniIndia on Clinical Research. He explained various domains and avenues in the fields of Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Data Management, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Writing. He also emphasized on the sectors that recruit the students of B.Pharm and M.Pharm.

After that there was a question-and-answer session and he addressed all the queries very satisfactorily.  

Then a feedback session was conducted successfully where the participants gave excellent feedback for the program.

This was followed by a program report by the Organizing Co-Ordinator Dr. Roma Ghai, Associate Professor, KIET School of Pharmacy. 462 participants registered in the national webinar from different colleges and institutes of India.

The session finally ended by giving Vote of Thanks to the speakers, all dignitaries and participants by Additional Head, KIET School of Pharmacy, Prof. (Dr.) N.G Raghavendra Rao. The program closed with National Anthem played by Mr. Praveen Kumar Dixit.

The event was well organized by Dr. Roma Ghai, Mr. Praveen K. Dixit and Ms. Vidhu Saxena under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) K. Nagarajan Sir.

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