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10 Dec 2022

KIET School of Pharmacy has organized a “Mega Health Camp” in collaboration with Fortis Hospital, Greater Noida on 10 Dec 2022

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KIET School of Pharmacy has organized a “Mega Health Camp” in collaboration with Fortis Hospital, Greater Noida on 10 Dec. 22. The objectives of this health camp was to spread the awareness to maintain good health and to take medical consultation with experts from Fortis Hopital Greater Noida. The mega health camp was started with inaugural message of Dr .A.Garg- Hon’ble Director KIET Group of Institutions. He told about the impact of good health on society and emphasized the role of health care professionals.

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Dr Manoj Goel-Hon’ble Joint Director KIET Group of Institutions welcome the consultants’ physicians, surgeon and healthcare staff from Fortis Hospital Greater Noida

Prof (Dr.) K Nagarajan-Principal, KIET School of Pharmacy has invited all KIETians for health check-up.

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The team of Fortis Hospital included various speciality including Neurology, Gynaecology, Internal medicines, Orthopaedics, Pulmonology etc. Various health check-ups like-blood pressure, random blood sugar, ECG, BMI, haemoglobin, Blood group etc were done by healthcare staff of Fortis Hospital and D. Pharmacy student.

Peoples from nearby community, teaching and non-teaching staff, students from different department has actively participated in the camp.

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Prof. (Dr.) Anil K. Ahlawat-Dean Academics-KIET praised this activity of KIET School of Pharmacy.

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Prof (Dr.) K Nagarajan-Principal-KSOP conveyed his gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the team of Fortis Hospital and facilitated them with KIET Gift and memento as token of respect in the presence of Dr. Vaishali M. Patil, Head-D. Pharm, Addl Head. Mr. Sanjeev K. Chauhan and Mr. Praveen K. Dixit, Asst. Head Department Skill Development Cell-KSOP. He has also conveyed his thanks to KIET managements for supporting in conducting this mega health camp. A total number of 250 registrations were there for health check-up in the camp.

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The health camp was arranged and coordinated by Mr. Kapil Sachan-Asst,Professor,Dept. of Pharmacology under supervision of   Dr Vaishali M Patil, Mr Sanjeev Chauhan, and other team membersMr Shubham Sharma, Mr Priyaranjan Bhidonia, Ms Riya Rastogi, Ms Shikha, Ms Konika Rao, Ms Sheena.

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