Events Detail

12 May 2023

MEDICINAL PLANTS EXHIBITION was organised by KIET School of Pharmacy on 12-May-2023.

The purpose of the Medicinal Plants Exhibition (MPEX'23), which took place on 12/05/23 (starting at 3:30 p.m.) in the KIET School of Pharmacy, was to increase the students' awareness of the medicinalvalue of commonly found plants, foster a sense of community among them, and improve their presentational skills. Dr. Deepti Katiyar, Mr. Priyaranjan Bhidonia, and Ms. Riya Rastogi did an excellent job of organizing the Medicinal Plants Exhibition. About 40 Diploma in Pharmacy students took part with enthusiasm. The students demonstrated the therapeutic properties of various medicinal plants, including Bryophyllum pinnatum, Ocimum sanctum, Murraya koenigii, Asparagus racemosus,  Gymnema sylvestre, Nyctanthis arboritis, Mentha piperita, Aloe vera, and Moringa oleifera. The compassionate presence of Dr. K. Nagarajan inspired the students. The competition was judged by Dr. N.G.R. Rao, Vinay Kumar, and Vaishali M. Patil.