KIET- Kavyanjali
Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Prateek Gupta
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KIET-Kavyanjali organized its first program on 4th May 2014 and now it is one of the leading programs in the Institution. It is one of the best programs of KIET, where most of the people are engaged during the event. Many students of KIET-Kavyanjali have also been selected to perform in programs organized by leading groups of poets outside the Institution. A few of them are Gurmeet Singh, Sanaullah, Sachin Yadav, Adarsh Prakash, Rajendra Kumar, Vrinda Singh, Vandan, Ankur….etc. Till date KIET-Kavyanjali has organized about 12 small and 5 national level events in which almost 35 well known poets have performed in the Institution. Presently, KIET-Kavyanjali is an active team of seven teacher coordinators and 30 student coordinators.

KIET-Kavyanjali is one of the leading groups of KIET, which is dedicated to promoting literature among students. It works to keep the literature alive among the students by motivating and guiding them.

KIET-Kavyanjali organizes Kavi-Sammelans and Kavya-Gosthis in the institution on a regular basis, inviting well known poets of different genre from different states of India, along with whom the students of KIET-Kavyanjali are allowed to perform on the stage.

KIET-Kavyanjali also helps the students to take this good work up by providing them an opportunity to perform in National Level Kavi-Sammelans outside the Institution.

Team Member
Dr.A.P.Shukla, Mr.Anmol Gupta, Mr.Siddharth Jain, Ms.Neelam Rawat, Ms.Neha Badhauria, Mr.Ashok Vikal
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