Odyssey – The Literary Society of KIET
Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Sheetal Mital, Dr. Priyanka Sharma
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“You cannot fail without your consent. You cannot succeed without your participation.”
- Rob Thomas
We are strong believers of the fact that participation is of utmost importance. This is why our team is very active in terms of attending different Literary Fests organized throughout the region. The gained experience results in exposure to varied perceptions and humongous improvement of our team.

With words comes great power and with power comes even greater a responsibility. Odyssey Literary Society was established on 16th February, 2018 by a group of four students to bring all literature and writing enthusiasts under the same roof. The main objective of the society is to inculcate the passion of reading, writing and speaking amongst the students of KIET and nurture their talent to a large extent.

If you’re someone who is a voracious reader or someone who loves to pen down their thoughts in the form of stories or poems or maybe someone who loves debating and discussing important agendas and issues of the society, then, the doors of Odyssey Literary Society are always open for you!

Team Member
Rishita Singh , Naman Srivastava , Akansha Katiyar , Tushar Jain