Hobby Club
Faculty Coordinator
Mr. Satyam Mishra, Mr. Abhishek Prokhiyal
Related Information
In Hobby Club, students work in extra hours other than defined for academics. They make projects based on their interests and choice. In this way they get hands on experience on circuits and coding. Mentors form related area guide them for implementation of their ideas. Students increase their employability enhancement skills through this Club.

In recognition to the importance of hobby activities and its role in the bringing up of the youthful students, the ECE Department Student’s Hobby Club has been formed with a view to promote scientific activities of the college. The Student’s Hobby Club in the College collaborates through various committees with the various Faculties in supervising the extra-curricular hobby activities, which aim at achieving the following objectives:

  • To develop the talents of the students and improve their capabilities and assist them in acquiring useful knowledge and experience.
  • To get the students accustomed to participate in State level, National level and International level competitions.
  • To provide students with means of comfort, convenience and assurance.
  • Finally, to enhance the employability skills of the students.
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