Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Shubham Shukla (Ass. Dean R&D), Dr. Himanshu Chaudhary
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A great show is put up by team DINOBOTS at ROBOCON, every year. This has been made feasible through the tremendous hard work put in by the students, and able guidance from our honorable HOD Dr. Vibhav Kumar Sachan, Associate Professor Dr. Shubham Shukla & Assistant Professor Dr. Himanshu Chaudhary.

Dinobots Robotics Club, initiated under the able guidance of Dr. Vibhav Kumar Sachan (HOD ECE) and Dr. Shubham Shukla (Faculty Coordinator), is a passionate community of innovators and engineers who thrive on challenges. We participate in prestigious competitions like ABU Robocon, Robowar, WRC, E-Yantra, AKTU Zonals, and more. Our track record speaks volumes - from securing AIR 2 in ABU Robocon 2015 to clinching AIR 1 in E-Yantra 2019 at IIT Bombay. We're not just about winning; we're about pushing the boundaries of robotics and engineering.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to succeed consistently. In 2020, we took first place at AKTU Zonals and third place at the State level, adding to our legacy of achievements. The group focuses on the advancement of the students of this institution in the field of automation and robotics. Join us as we continue our journey to explore, innovate, and build a future where robots play a pivotal role. Stay tuned for exciting updates, workshops, and events. At Dinobots, the future of robotics is in our hands!

Achievement ABU Robocon:
  • 2023: Cleared stage 1 once again, poised for further success. Join us in our robotics journey.
  • 2022, 2021, 2020: Managed to clear STAGE 1 despite COVID-19 challenges.
  • 2019: Reached National Finals, securing AIR-23.
  • 2018: AIR-52nd position competing against top institutes and colleges.
  • 2017: Secured AIR-13th position, defeating several IITs and NITs, with MATLAB licenses for participants.
  • 2016: Placed 51st competing against national-level top Indian institutes and colleges.
  • 2015: 1st Runner Up at Nationals.
  • 2014: AIR-37th among top-ranked colleges and universities.
AKTU Zonals:
  • 2020: 1st position at Zonals and 3rd position at State level.
  • 2019: 1st position at Zonals and State level.
  • 2019: Secured AIR 1 at the prestigious competition held at IIT Bombay.
ESYA 2018 (IIT Delhi):
  • CIRCUITRIX: Secured 2nd Rank.
  • ROBOSOCCER: Achieved 2nd Rank.
Activities Robocon: Our journey in Robocon has been marked by consistent excellence, achieving 1st Runner Up at Nationals in 2015 and securing AIR-13th in 2017, outperforming prominent institutions like IITs and NITs.
E-Yantra: E-Yantra proved to be a platform for our innovation and expertise, where we proudly clinched AIR-1 in 2019 at IIT Bombay, solidifying our position as leaders in automation and robotics.
Robowar: In the electrifying world of Robowar, our achievements speak volumes. We emerged victorious in AKTU Zonals and State-level competitions in 2019 and 2020, demonstrating our strategic brilliance. Additionally, in 2023, we proudly participated in the prestigious WRC, showcasing our combat robotics prowess on a global stage.
Upcoming Projects ABU Robocon 2024: Theme: Harvest Day Contest Date: August 27, 2024 Contest Venue: Vietnam
E- Yantra: Theme: Geoguide Implementation: Software + Hardware
SIH: Name of the Ministry: Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Category: Hardware Problem Statement: Active prosthetic ankle and adaptive equipment for bike riding in lower amputees.
Team Member
Name Year Designation
Pushpendra Dwivedi 4 Team Lead
Lakshmi Tiwari 4 Team Lead
Harsh Sangal 4 General Secretary
Tanushika Singh 3 Ass. General Secretary
Rohit Baghel 3 Programming Head
Md. Muzammil 3 Mechanical Head
Sahil Khare 3 Electronics Head
Nitish Kumar 3 Electronics Ass. Head
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