Finance Club- The Rupaya
Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Prateek Gupta
Related Information
The team will consist of 4 students as leader from Finance stream. The club will not only enrich the technical knowledge of finance students but will also reach to industry to expose students to the various practical aspects of Finance and Accounts. Additionally, the club will organize various competitions and events that further drive the interest of the participants towards finance and itsreal-world implications.

1. Round the table discussions on major emerging Finance issues
2. Fin symposium cum panel discussions (quarterly) by inviting Market Leaders to interact with finance students on emerging issues.
3. Live Trading Sessions and Research on stock market.
4. Fin Quiz
5. Fin Market Survey
6. Field Visits will be organized to various banks, insurance companies, stock market and finance department of organizations for providing practical exposure to students.
7. Guest Talks
8. Simulation and Games
9. Business Personality Presentation
10. DNA

Team Member
MBA I and II Year Studens