The General Management Club
Faculty Coordinator
Mr. Sudheer Kumar
Related Information
  1. To impart skills for the development and enhancement of the personality of students.
  2. To improve communication skills and decision-making power.
  3. To enhance the spirit of participation and competition among the students.
  4. To expose students to meet the practical challenges with regards to management.
  5. To increase awareness regarding the business world.
  6. To encourage students to become event managers.
  7. To let the students interact with business experts of industry.

B- Sensei - The General Management Club is a student-driven initiative that collaborates with both the corporate and the academia to enhance the professional, academic, and social development of students.
It is a community of students who are passionate about business leadership. Club members come from and are looking to pivot into a diverse range of functions and industries, but are unified in their goal to be effective managers and leaders.