Faculty Coordinator
Mr Dinesh Kumar
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INNOGEEKS is an entirely student run society where in more focus is laid on peer learning and group learning, where in students are taught by the student mentors only. Currently it is the club with the highest number of students in our college. Students of the club participate in various national and international level events and bring laurels to the college.

INNOGEEKS is a student run technical society of KIET Group of Institutions. The mission of the club is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology and areas that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century. The club was initiated by a group of 5 students from IT, EC and ME Branch and is a result of their feverous efforts. The club was inaugurated on 17th August’18 at institute level, under IT Department.

The club works on the following domains- WEB DEVELOPEMENT, ANDROID DEVELOPMENT, AUGMENTED REALITY/VIRTUAL REALITY, MACHINE LEARNING, iOS, IoT, GRAPHIC DESIGNING. The club is committed to generating , dissemination and preserving knowledge and to working with others to bring knowledge to bear on the world’s greatest challenges. We at INNOGEEKS are dedicated to providing its members with an education that combines rigorous theory sessions as well as the excitement of discovery which comes with the practical knowledge given hands on by working on live projects. We seek to develop in each member of INNOGEEKS community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the betterment of humankind.


We are proud to declare that the students of INNOGEEKS club have participated in the NASA Space Apps Challenge organised by Galgotiya College of Engineering and Technology on 15 and 16 September 2019. Total 18 members from the club had participated in the event.  From the five teams, total three teams have qualified for the final round in top 20 teams and in the Final Round 1 team qualified for the National level and one team got the special best girls team award. Now the national level will be on 18-20 Oct 2019. 

Qualified Team for National Level
Team TechArmy

  1. Akash Bajpai(IT) 
  2. Isha Bansal(IT) 
  3. Rohan Khurana(CSE) 
  4. Kritika Singh(EIE)  

Special Best Girls Team Award Winning Team

  1. Vedansh Kumar Gupta(IT) 
  2. Amitabh Sharma(CSE) 
  3. Sanchi Rastogi(CSE) 
  4. Anushka Sharma(ECE) 

The Department of IT is happy to announce that our student driven club INNOGEEKS  is out with the first edition of our E-magazine Bits n' Bytes.Here is the link:

You can access the Front cover by clicking here and a short video of the magazine by clicking here. Please share the feedback by scanning the QRCode at the end of the magazine.

Team Member
Pratishtha Tiwari, Harsh Rawat, Vikas Gautam, Saksham Saini, Harsh Kumar, Akash Bajpai, Madhur Jain, Shivam Singh, Ankit Kumar, Isha Bansal, Akansha Yadav, Anshika Verma
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