Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Adesh Kumar Pandey and Prof. Nidhi Goyal
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INNOGEEKS is an entirely student driven peer-to-peer learning technical society of KIET Group of Institutions, where students are taught by the student mentors only. Currently, the club has 200+ active members, breaking the bounds of year of study and branch. Students of the club participate in various national and international level events and bring laurels to the college.

Innogeeks is an appreciable initiative by the faculty and students to bring the institute on same platform with national as well as international institutions. Founded in the year 2018, under Department of Information Technology, the club aims to technically strengthen the students by integrating their skills in the various fields of Engineering and Technology, so as to cop up with the highly competitive environment. It’s a great workspace, a comprehensive inventory, ample guidance from senior students. The mission is to inspire the innovators within everyone.

Innogeeks enhances the student’s practical knowledge horizon by organizing the classes, seminar within the college. The club works on the following domains:

  • Web Development,
  • Android Application Development,
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality,
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet Of Things,
  • Graphic Designing.

The club is committed to generating, dissemination and preserving knowledge and to working with others to bring knowledge to bear on the world’s greatest challenges. INNOGEEKS is dedicated to provide its members with an education that combines rigorous theory sessions as well as the excitement of discovery which comes with the practical knowledge given hands on by working on live projects. We seek to develop in each member of INNOGEEKS community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the betterment of humankind.

Location: E-Block – IT Department, E-311 & E-401

Achievements: We are proud to share that the members of INNOGEEKS club have participated and won in various National and International Level Hackathons & Competitions, including Smart India Hackathon, NASA International Space Apps Challenge, ACM ICPC, Virtual Hacks, Snapchat India Lensathons, and many more. Given below the links to club’s various achievements

Technical Magazine:

Innogeeks has started launching its yearly Technical E-Magazine, Bits N’ Bytes from 2020, Here is the link to latest Editions:

Team Member
Core Leads: Rohan Khurana(CSE), Kritika Singh(EIE), Uddeshya(CS), Naman Mehrotra(CSIT), Vedansh Kumar Gupta(IT), Anushka Sharma(ECE), Sakshmika Aggarwal(ECE), Harsh Gupta(CS), Prakhar Yadav(ECE), Ravi Kumar Vishwakarma(ECE), Shreya Asthana(IT), and Muskaan Mittal(ECE)
Core Team: Aryan Tanwar(IT), Vanshika Singhal(IT), Tushar Gupta(CSIT), Chinmoy Chakraborty(IT), Shreyansh Tripathi(ECE), Vanshika Namdev(CS), Sakshi Singh(CSIT), Yashashvi Singh Bhaduria(CSIT), Deepak Chaturvedi(CSE), Kartik Gupta(CS), Vivek Kumar(IT), Ayushi Tyagi(CS), Vishwaas Saxena(CSE), and Kushagra Goel(CSE).
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