Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Pramod Kumar Yadav, Ms. Swati
Related Information
The mission of the Football Club KIET (FC KIET) is to develop high quality soccer players, teams, coaches with a specific emphasis on the physical, technical, tactical, psychological, and social elements of the game while participating at the highest levels locally and regionally.

• Develop a club and club culture that strives for excellence both on and off the field.
• Develop players who have fun and have a lifelong appreciation for the game of soccer.
• Develop players who have high-level skills, equitable to their ability.
• Develop teams who desire to perform at the highest level and do what is best for the team as opposed to the individual.
• Educate players about what true excellence is through on field training, education and other learning opportunities.
• Educate players through team meetings about what being a team truly means.

Team Member
Vikhyat Bhatnagar (ECE), Bhaskar Malviya(CSE), Harsh Tripathi(IT)