Faculty Coordinator
Ms. Shivani

The Kinesis Technical Society offers a range of benefits to its members:
1. Network and Knowledge Exchange: Being a society, we differ from other clubs in the sense that we do not have a recruitment process. The benefits and resources of the community are accessible to all those who wish to be a part. The Kinesis Technical Society will serve as a platform for students to connect with like-minded individuals, build professional networks, and exchange knowledge and ideas. This will foster a culture of collaboration and create opportunities for interdisciplinary projects.
2. Industry-Academia Collaboration: We aim to build ties with industry professionals and organizations through seminars, workshops and our podcast, facilitating collaboration on open-source and freelance projects, internships, and research opportunities. This collaboration will bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications, preparing our members for real-world challenges.
3. Recognition and Personal Enhancement: Members will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and achievements, gaining recognition within the department and beyond through exhibitions and podcast features. Moreover, members who excel in their domains will have the opportunity to become domain leads and core team, gaining a badge of leadership. This recognition will enhance their personal and professional profiles, providing them with a competitive edge.
4. Professional Development and Skill Enhancement: Through workshops, seminars, and hands-on training sessions, our members will have access to continuous learning and skill development. Plus, our mentorship program and close-knit community will have the members benefiting from a direct interaction with their seniors. This will ensure that they stay updated with the latest advancements in the field and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.
Bonded by a mutual passion for technology and a belief in collaborative learning, this society is a group of dedicated learners striving to drive the momentum of our collective growth. Our vision is to foster knowledge in motion and innovation in action, creating a future where every aspect of engineering converges as a testament to our shared journey of discovery, collaboration, and innovation. ?


1. Interaction Void: Currently, there is a lack of dedicated channels and platforms within the college for students to openly interact and engage with each other, resulting in limited collaboration and knowledge exchange opportunities. The Kinesis Technical Society aims to bridge this gap by providing a space where students can come together, share ideas, and learn from one another.
2. Exclusionary Recruitment: Existing clubs in the college follow a rigorous recruitment process that often overlooks the students who have lack prior experience, or are under confident in interviews. We seek to create an inclusive environment that values the potential and passion of every student, providing them with opportunities to enhance their skills and showcase their abilities. By removing the constraint of a limited number of members, we aim to benefit all those who wish to join.
3. Untapped Potential: Many students possess immense potential and creativity, but they lack avenues to explore and channel their talents. Our society aims to tap into this potential by offering a platform for students to explore, learn, collaborate, and innovate in various domains of computer science. Moreover, our open to all workshops and seminars, as well as pre-constructed roadmaps will give a clear direction to all who seek.


While currently focusing on the programming, development (Android, Web, and ML), public relations, and design domains, the Kinesis Technical Society plans to expand its scope as it gains more involvement and traction from the student community. The society's activities and initiatives include:
1. Monthly Podcasts: Byte cast is KTS’s official monthly podcast hosted on Youtube as well as Spotify, where members can discuss trending topics, share insights, and interview industry experts.
2. Seminars and Workshops: We plan to organize frequent seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts, alumni, and proficient students. These sessions will cover various technical and non-technical topics, providing valuable learning opportunities for the members and the community.
3. Mentorship Program: Our mentorship program where seniors guide and mentor student groups, helping them navigate their academic and professional journeys, build projects and perfect their skill sets is currently in its first phase of action for the department and will continue to run for all members.
4. Project Collaboration: KTS encourages our members to collaborate on projects, allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills to practical scenarios. These projects range from software development to innovative research initiatives, and are always inclined to solving real-life problems that have the potential of becoming a business model.
5. Innovation Forums and Exhibitions: We also plan to organize forums, exhibitions and conferences, similar to the Innovation Day initiative by the college but more inclined to discussion and idea generation. Members will have the opportunity to present research findings and innovative ideas, promoting a culture of research and exploration and building avenues for collaboration.


1. President: The President serves as the overall leader and representative of the Kinesis Technical Society. They provide strategic direction, oversee the functioning of the society, and ensure the achievement of its goals and objectives. The President also acts as a liaison between the society and the College management.
2. Vice President: The Vice President supports the President in their responsibilities and acts as a backup in their absence. They assist in decision-making, coordination of activities, and maintaining effective communication within the society.
3. Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for managing the administrative tasks of the society. They maintain records, handle correspondence, organize meetings, and ensure efficient communication among the members. The Secretary also plays a key role in documenting the society's activities and maintaining official records and transcripts.
4. Technical Head: The Technical Head oversees the technical aspects of the society. They provide guidance and support to the core members, leads, and coordinators in their respective domains.
The Technical Head ensures the smooth functioning of technical activities, coordinates technical workshops and seminars, and facilitates knowledge exchange among the members.
5. PR Head: The PR Head is responsible for managing the public relations and outreach efforts of the society. They coordinate with external stakeholders, such as industry professionals, alumni, and potential sponsors. The PR Head also promotes the society's activities, manages social media presence, and helps create a positive image for the society within the college and beyond.
6. Core Members:

  1. Core members are proficient in their respective domains and actively contribute to the society's activities.
  2. They work closely with the leads and coordinators in their areas of expertise.
  3. Core members participate in projects, workshops, and events, providing their technical expertise and mentorship to other members.

7. Leads:

  1. Leads are selected from the core members based on their skills and leadership qualities.
  2. Each lead manages and leads a specific domain, - Android, Web development, Machine Learning, Programming, PR, and Designing.
  3. They are responsible for organizing domain-specific activities, coordinating projects, and providing guidance to the members in their respective areas.

8. Coordinators:

  1. Coordinators work alongside the leads and core members to ensure the smooth functioning of the society.
  2. They assist in organizing events, managing logistics, coordinating with members, and supporting the leads in their respective domains.
  3. Coordinators play a crucial role in facilitating collaboration, communication, and teamwork among the members.

9. Members:

  1. The membership of the Kinesis Technical Society is open to all students interested in technology and computer science.
  2. Any student can join the society and participate in its activities, projects, workshops, and events by filling in a form.
  3. The society aims to provide an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages the active engagement and growth of all its members.
Team Member
President: Shreshthi Tayal, 3rd Year (CS), Vice-President: Shantanu Mishra, 3rd Year (CS), Secretary: Garima Shukla, 3rd Year (CS), Joint Secretary: Saket Tiwari 3rd Year (CS), Technical Head: Prabhakar Mishra, 3rd Year (CS), Graphics Head: Diya Chaudhary, 3rd Year (CS), Content Head: Jhalak Saxena, 3rd Year (CS), PR Head: Deeksha Gupta, 3rd Year (CS).