NSCC Chapter
Faculty Coordinator
Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Kumar Shrivastava, CS Department

Founded by Nishant Chandra and Siddharth Maheshwari in 2019, Newton School is an ed-tech platform that is building a futuristic online university to provide a highly immersive and interactive learning path to millions of students and enable them to tap into new-age tech opportunities.


Working on establishing a system of technical as well as competitive practices in the college to set up a healthy coding environment for the students.


The club aims to train engineers from all branches to work on different aspects of their technical as well as soft skills to develop a wider skill set. We further aim to encourage students to work towards project-based learning while developing their consistency in programming to make them industry ready.

Proposed Activities

  • DSA guidance including regular bootcamps.
  • Sessions about must-knows for an engineer.
  • Collaboration with other colleges which are a part of NSCC community.
  • Classes twice a week (one day for competitive programming and one day for discussions and guidance).
  • Extended sessions for various tech domains.
  • Free courses on NS Launchpad.
Team Member
President: Shikha Dixit, 3rd Year (CS), Vice-President: Shaurya Awasthi, 3rd Year (CS), Technical Head: Nikita Jain, 3rd Year (CS), Graphics Head: Khushi, 3rd Year (CS), Content Head: Shreyansh Tiwari, 2nd Year (CSE)