Google DSC
Faculty Coordinator
Prof. Naveen Chauhan (Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department)
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DSCKIET is a peer-to-peer student community of Google Developers. We are currently working on an initiative to concentrate the efforts of many developers in and around campus to learn, share and get productive using the various cutting-edge technologies. Our main focus is to provide better content to the students in the campus. We bring opportunities from Google and many other organisations to the students.

Developer Student Club KIET is inspired by Google Developers Family. We started our journey in Feb 2019. We try to engage student developers through our hack events, codelabs and meetups. The motive is to create a local ecosystem of programmers & hackers in and around the Campus. Technology awareness is the main goal for the first few years of the group.
Till date, we have organised more than 10 workshops and hands-on sessions on different technologies like Mobile Application Development, Web Development, Machine Learning, Competitive Programming, Google Cloud, Designing and Version Control Systems like Git.
We have conducted 5 short coding contests, 3 long coding challenges on Hackerrank and Hackerearth and 1 online design hackathon. We are really proud to say that we have benefited over 400 students through our workshops and challenges.
We aim to bring more people in tech by the end of 2020. Also, we recently collaborated with GirlScript Ghaziabad Chapter. Also, our Lead got the opportunity from Google to attend a fully-sponsored trip to India DSC Summit’19 in Goa. We have completed over 12 projects till date. One of our core team members was selected by Google to facilitate Google Explore ML on the campus.

Team Member
Priyanshu Sharma, Aayush Sharma, Aditya Pandey, Aniket Padmansh, Ishita Jaiswal, Lakshya Kumar, Mayank Shakya, Nidhaan Srivastava, Ritik Srivastava, Satyam Sharma, Shashank Jaitly, Shubham Singh, Vidit Jha
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