The Material and Metallurgy Testing Club
Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Anurag Gupta, Dr. Pratibha Kumari, Dr. K.L.A. Khan, Km. Archana, Ms. Neha Bhadauria, Dr. Dhananjay Pradhan
Related Information
(1) The students can possess a solid foundation in materials science and engineering, with emphasis on the fundamental scientific and engineering principles that govern the microstructure, properties, processing, and performance of all classes of engineering materials.
(2) The student can understand materials processes and the application of general natural science and engineering principles to the analysis and design of materials systems of current and/or future importance to society.
(3)The students can have strong skills in independent learning, analysis, and problem solving, with special emphasis on design of engineering materials and processes.
(4) The Students can understand and are aware of the broad issues relevant to materials, including professional and ethical responsibilities, impact of materials engineering on society and environment, contemporary issues, and need for lifelong learning.

As we know that the material selection is the basic requirement of any engineering design problem, without selecting the right material by knowing its properties ,it is impossible to attempt the solution of any engineering problem. So the development of new materials and developing the required properties in the materials and testing the same is research oriented field.

This hobby club is the one step forward to explore the field of material development and material testing. This hobby club will help student to initiate their career and pursue research in the field of metallurgy and material testing.

S. No.  Project/Activity Completion Status Supervisor
1 Design and fabrication of pultrusion set up for development of FRP rebars Under VRPS scheme  Completed Dr. Anurag Gupta 
2 Characterization of natural fibre reinforced paper carry bag Completed Dr. Anurag Gupta 
3 Characterization of silica filled FRP Composite Completed Dr. Anurag Gupta 
4 Development of supra vehicle Nose for SAE kiet club Completed Dr. Anurag Gupta 
5 Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminium matrix hybrid composites.  Completed Dr. K.L.A. Khan
6 Drilling parameter optimization of FRP composite  Completed Dr. Anurag Gupta 
7 Fabrication and Analysis of (Aluminium inorganic material) metal matrix composite Completed Ms. Kumari  Archana
8 Study of Mechanical properties of  Nano Structered coating.  Completed Ms. Kumari  Archana
9 Optimization of parameters of MIG welding for obtaining optimal mechanical properties Completed Dr. Pratibha Kumari
10 Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminium SiC composites.  Completed Dr. K.L.A. Khan
11 Some studies on TIG welding of aluminium alloy. Completed Dr. Pratibha Kumari
12 Characterization of Pultruded hybrid FRP composite. Completed Dr. Anurag Gupta 
13 Effect of process parameter on mechanical property of weld bead geometry of composite matrix material aluminium 7 series Completed Ms. Kumari  Archana
14 Effect of micro silica powder on GFRP composite April 2020(Delay due to covid- 19) Dr. Anurag Gupta 
15 Fabrication and characterization of hybrid aluminum metal matrix composites April 2020(Delay due to covid- 19) Ms. Neha Bhadauria
16 Development and characterization of metal foams April 2020(Delay due to covid- 19) Dr. K.l.A. Khan Ms. Neha Bhadauria
17 Effect of Nano-silica mixed polymer coating on bonding of FRP composite  April 2020(Delay due to covid- 19) Dr. Anurag Gupta