Dr.  Pravesh Singh

Dr. Pravesh Singh

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
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PhD, MTech, B.Tech

Solar Cell Technique

Dr. Pravesh is a Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at KIET Group ogf Institutions, Delhi NCR Ghaziabad . Her area of Interest focuses on analysis of chalgogenides for photovoltaic application and Microstrip line filters. She has completed her Ph.D from Banasthali Vidyapith . She has published more than 35 research paper in repute Journal.
  • Dr. Vaibhav Sachan, Pravesh Singh (2019-20). Stepped Impedance Design Of Butterworth Microstrip Low Pass Filter With Split Ring Resonator For N=3 And N=5. International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research. ISSN:2277-8616
  • Dr. Pravesh Singh (2019-20 ). Ductile and metallic nature of Co2VZ (Z= Pb, Si, Sn) Heusler compounds: A First Principles Study. EAST EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. ISSN:2312-4334
  • Dr. Pravesh Singh (2019-20 ). Effect of hybrid density functionals on half–Heusler LiZnX (X = N, P and As) semiconductors: potential materials for photovoltaic and thermoelectric applications. IOP Publishing Physica Scripta. ISSN:0031-8949
  • Dr. Pravesh Singh (2019-20 ). First Principles Calculations For Electronic, Optical And Magnetic Properties Of Full Heusler Compounds. EAST EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. ISSN:2312-4334
  • Ruchita Gautam, Pravesh Singh (2015-16). Investigation of fundamental physical properties of CdSiP2 and its application in solar cell devices by using (ZnX; X= Se, Te) buffer layers. Materials Science and Engineering B( Elsevier) in 2016. ISSN:9215107
  • Ruchita Gautam, Pravesh Singh (2015-16). Structural, electronic, optical, elastic and thermal properties of CdSnP2 with the application in solar cell devices. Superlattices and Microstructures ( Elsevier). ISSN:10963677
  • PRAVESH SINGH (2013-04-06). Band Pass Filter using end Coupled Microstrip Lines. National Conference on Electronics and Communication Systems. ISBN:978-93-83083-02-2
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