Dr. Richa Srivastava

Dr. Richa Srivastava

Associate Professor
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
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VLSI Design

Dr. Richa Srivastava is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at KIET Group of institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad Her research focuses on design of Analog and Digital Integrated circuits for low voltage/low power applications. She has thorough experience on working with various industry standard VLSI design tools (Tanner EDA; Cadence Virtuoso).
  • Dr. Richa Srivastava (2019-20). Low-voltage bulk-driven self-cascode transistor based voltage differencing inverting buffered amplifier and its application as universal filter. Microelectronics Journal. ISSN:0026-2692
  • Dr. Richa Srivastava (2019-20). Ultra high speed and novel design of power-aware CNFET based MCML 3-bit parity checker. Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing. ISSN:0925-1030
  • Dr. Richa Srivastava (2023-06-23). TWO-INPUT BULK-DRIVEN MOS TRANSISTOR BASED VOLTAGE DIFFERENCING INVERTING BUFFERED AMPLIFIER. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202311032241 A