Dr. Meenakshi Tyagi

Dr. Meenakshi Tyagi

Associate Professor
Department of KIET School of Management
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Emp. Code :- 12076

Economics, Operations Management

Meenakshi Tyagi is an Associate Professor in KIET School of management at KIET Group of institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad. she is Doctorate in Economics and MBA in Operation Management, she has 15 years of teaching and consultancy experience. She is having more than 15 publications in Scopus, ICI and UGC indexed journals. She has authored two books published internationally: “A Guide Book on 5S” and 2nd on Lean Techniques. She has chaired various technical sessions in national and international conferences. She has also been invited as guest speaker by various reputed institutions.
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  • Mewar University, Chitaurgarh, Rajasthan (1)