Dr. Prateek Gupta

Dr. Prateek Gupta

Department of KIET School of Management
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PhD, UGC-NET(Mgmt), UGC-NET(Commerce), 

Finance, International Business

Dr. Prateek Gupta is presently working an professor at the School of Management, KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR. He is an MBA, M.Com, PGDIBO, UGC-NET (Commerce), UGC-NET (Mgmt), and Ph.D. with significant experience of 19+ years in academics and research. He has completed four (05) sponsored research projects He has contributed 52 papers in reputed journals and presented 41 papers in international and national conferences. He has 7 books, 2 monographs and 2 copyrights under his credits. He has also attended 30 FDPs / Workshops at a different level. He is an approved supervisor of AKTU, Lucknow, and guiding 4 research scholars for Ph.D. at present. He has organized various events like Seminars, Conference, MDP, Workshops, etc successfully. He is a life member of ‘The Indian Econometric Society’ and Indian Commerce Association.
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