Ms. Kiran Sharma

Ms. Kiran Sharma

Assistant Professor
Department of KIET School of Pharmacy
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Emp. Code :- 11850


Kiran Sharma is an Assistant Professor in the KIET School of Pharmacy at KIET Group of institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad and she is having 13 years of experience with 21 International publications, 3 patents, 3 books and presentations at various conferences, who is always keen to up-skill herself with new technologies & analytical software’s. Technically expert in research, anaylsis and formulation development of herbal product extract and new/ generic chemical lead or semi- synthesis of basic plant secondary metabolite / new molecules for innovative formulation development. Active participation in basic operations and tasks within the team for ensuring compliance to various pharmaceutical regulations and adherence to them. She is also an expert in protocol writing, preparation of Clinical trial reports (CTRs), Clinical summary documents in CTD/eCTD format for regulatory submissions world-wide (including investigational medicinal product dossiers (IMPDs), investigational new drug applications (INDs), marketing authorization applications (MAAs), new drug applications (NDAs), variations and supplemental new drug applications (sNDAs), redaction of CTRs and QC of the redacted CTRs, results tables/Data Sets/synopses to clinical trial registries (, EUCTR, pharmanet. bund etc), other relevant ad-hoc documents.
  • Ms. Kiran Sharma, Dr. Jagannath Sahoo (2019-20 ). Chromatographic determination of curcumin in the presence of its degradation products by HPLC. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. ISSN:2320-5148
  • Kiran Sharma (2016-17). Skin permeation of candesartan cilexetil from transdermal patch containing aloe vera as penetration enhancer. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics. ISSN:0973-8398