Dr. Praveen Kr. Dixit

Dr. Praveen Kr. Dixit

Associate Professor
Department of KIET School of Pharmacy
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Emp. Code :- 16987


PRAVEEN KUMAR DIXIT is an Associate Professor (w.e.f. 2023-24 Session) in the Department of Pharmacology, KIET School of Pharmacy, KIET Group of institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad. He is Young, Dynamic, Versatile, Quick Learner and one of the responsible Faculty of the Department having 9 years of teaching and research experience. He is currently holding the position of Assistant Head- Department Skill Development Cell (DSDC)-KSOP and Officer-Incharge Student Support Cell for Pharmacy Council of India in KSOP. Published 41 papers in Journal of Repute, Authored 7 Books and 5 book chapters so far. He is Life member of Various Professional Bodies i.e-APTI,IPES,IPS,IPGA.Mr Dixit has been Awarded with Young Dronacharya Award,Teaching Excellence Award,Dynamic Pharma Professional Award. He is recipient of Best Faculty Incentive in session 2016-17 and 2020-21 for outstanding contribution in Department growth. He has recently received the Young Scientist Award-2021 by a renowned Pharmacy Professional Body-Indian Pharma Educational Society (IPES). He has guided 12 PG and 8 UG students projects so far. Mr. Dixit is an active core team member in various inspection bodies i.e-NAAC/NBA/PCI etc.
He has expertise in teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pathophysiology.He is Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics subject expert in Pharmacy department for teaching Value Education (trained up to II level).He has trained in CSIR-CDRI for Animal Handling and operating many sophisticated experimental instruments.
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