Ms. Kalpna Sagar

Ms. Kalpna Sagar

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
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Emp. Code :- 20963

She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Science, KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi -NCR, Ghaziabad. She has completed Ph.D from GGS IP University New Delhi.
  • KALPANA SAGAR (2019-20). Automating Duplicate Detection for Lexical Heterogeneous Web Databases. Recent Advances in Computer Science and Communications. ISSN:2666-2566
  • Kalpna Sagar (9-Oct-2020). Covid-19 Safety Machine For Portable Cart. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202011039264
  • Kalpna Sagar (16-Oct-2020). Covid-19 Safe Biometric Identification Machine. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202011040673