Ms. Bhawna

Ms. Bhawna

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science And Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)
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Emp. Code :- 21359

Ph.D (pursuing), M.Tech (CSE), B.E.(CSE)

Information Security

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  • Bhawna (2023-06-09). From Smart Devices to Smarter Systems: The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) with Characteristics, Architecture, Use Cases and Challenges. Springer International Publishing. ISBN:978-3-031-31952-5
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  • Ms. Bhawna, Seema Chauhan, Richa Singh, Veena ParihaR, Nagesh Sharma, Rajeev Kumar Singh, Dr. Rekha Kashyap, Mr. Anurag Mishra (2023-01-06). SECURE FRAMEWORK FOR CYBER DATA. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202211071775 A