Dr. Madhu Gautam

Dr. Madhu Gautam

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
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Emp. Code :- 21036


Machine Learning

  • Dr. Ms. Shivani Batra, Ms. Madhu Gautam, Ms. Himanshi Chaudhary (2020-01-10). Machine To Detect Fraudulent Activity In Manually Issued Cheque. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202011000752 A
  • Dr. Ms. Shivani Batra, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Ms. Madhu Gautam, Ms. Kalpna Sagar, Dr. Dilkeshwar Pandey (2020-10-09). COVID-19 Safety Machine For Portable Cart. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202011039264 A
  • Mr. Zatin Gupta, Dr. Kalpna Sagar, Ms. Madhu Gautam, Ms. Himanshi Chaudhary, Ms. Preeti Garg (2021-10-01). A patient health monitoring system using artificial intelligence, machine learning and IOT network and method thereof. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202111041403
  • Praveen Kumar Gupta,Dr. Gaurav Agarwal, Madhu Gautam,Ankit Saini,Silki Kharaliya,Harsh vardhan (2023-06-16). DEEP LEARNING IN CARDIAC BIOMETRICS: ELECTROCARDIOGRAM-BASED PERSON IDENTIFICATION WITH LONG SHORT-TERM MEMORY NETWORK ARCHITECTURE. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202311033799 A