Dr. Kunwar Laiq Ahmad Khan

Dr. Kunwar Laiq Ahmad Khan

Department of Mechanical Engineering
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  • KUNWAR LAIQ AHMAD KHAN (2017-12-08). MODELLING AND ANALYSIS OF ERGONOMICS APPROACH IN CIVIL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. International Conference on Humanizing Work and Work Environment (HWWE) 2017. ISBN:
  • Mr. Sachin Rathore, Dr.K.L.A.Khan, Ms. Neha Singh, Mr. Sanjay Verma. Digging Tool. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:296188
  • Dr. Jagannath Sahoo, Dr.K.L.A.Khan. Spectacle Frame. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:303390
  • Mr. Sachin Rathore, Dr.K.L.A.Khan (29.11.2019). A Method For Preparation Of Aluminum-Based Metal Matrix Surface Composite Material. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:201911046551 A
  • AKTU Lucknow(2)
  • Dr. K.L.A. Khan (2019-20). Indo-UK led Curriculum Development Through Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing for the Future. Royal Academy of Engineering, UK. Amount:48.66
  • Dr. K.L.A. Khan Dr. Anurag Gupta (2017-18). Performance analysis of FRP rebars for reinforcement of concrete slab (Co-PI). AKTU, Lucknow. Amount:4.95

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