Mr. Vikas Sharma

Mr. Vikas Sharma

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
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Water Resource Engineering and Management

Vikas Sharma is an Assistant Professor in the Department of CIvil Engineering at KIET Group of institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad and has area of Specialization in Water resource Engineering. He has worked as research scholar on the topic “Study of sediment dynamics of Brahmaputra river using CCHE2D simulation”. The project focuses on understanding the behavior of flow and sediment under the transient condition of flow. He has also worked as research scholar on the topic “Modelling of reactive transport in groundwater using meshfree based numerical methods”. The main objective of the study if to create a meshfree state foe the ground water and map the contamination in and around the area. MATLAB was used to do the coding related to the work. The study focuses on using the meshfree based numerical methods instead of Finite element method or finite difference method. The study also includes the collection of data for the source site. The collection of data was an integral part of whole study and most sophisticated work, which requires utmost care and precision. Currently I am also working as a part-time research scholar on the topic “Effect of efficiency of mixed barrier in seawater intrusion on coastal aquifer”. The main objective of the study is to find out the intrusion of seawater and freshwater fronts. The calculation of mixing width, shape of seawater wedge and extent of intrusion is also observed.
  • Mr.Nitesh Bhardwaj & Mr.Vikas Sharma (2019-20). Study of the Effect Of Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates by Jhama Brick Powder in Conventional Concrete. Journal of Critical Reviews. ISSN:2394-5125