Dr. Chandra Mohan Batra

Dr. Chandra Mohan Batra

Associate Dean, B. Tech. 1st Year & HOD Applied Science and B. Tech. 1st Year (Group- 1)
Department of B. Tech. 1st Year & Applied Science
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M. Sc., Ph.D, DCA & DRDBMS


Dr. C.M. Batra is a Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean & Head of B. Tech First Year(Group-1), KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad. He has around twenty four years of teaching and 20 years of research experience. He is life member of ISTE. He has been a Convener of the various international conferences and induction Programs of B.Tech.First Year. He is co-author of one national book of Mathematics. He has published several research papers in reputed International and National Journals. Her area of research is Opreration Research and Reliability Theory.
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  • Dr Ekata, Dr Ritu Gupta,Dr Chandra Mohan Batra,Ms. Akanksha Gupta,Ms. Prakriti (2023-07-21). AN AI BASED SYSTEM FOR PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT OF SOLAR-TRANSFORMER CONSUMPTION. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202311044510 A
  • Dr. Dilkeshwar Pandey, Dr. C.M. Batra, Dr. Seema Maitrey, Dr. Deepti Seth, Dr. Soniya Juneja, Mr. Hriday Kumar Gupta, Dr. Ajeet Pratap Singh, Dr. K.P.Mishra (2022-04-29). Digital Image Processing Technique for detecting Human Eye. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202211015665 A
  • Dr. Manish Bhardwaj, Prof. Chandra Mohan Batra,Dr. Kuldeep Sharma,Dr. Pinki Saxena,Dr. Archana Sharma,)Dr. Anamika Singh,Dr. Ajay Dixit,Dr. Neelam Chantola,Mr. Analp Pathak,Ms. Supriya Dubey (2023-07-21). OPTIMIZED MACHINE LEARNING BASED SOLUTION FOR SMART HIGHWAY EMERGENCY ASSITANCE. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202311042241 A
  • Dr. CM Batra (2017-18). Conference Grant. Council of Science & Technology, UP. Amount:0.5
  • Dr. CM Batra (2016-17). Conference Grant. Council of Science & Technology, UP. Amount:0.5

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