Dr. Kapil Kumar Sharma

Dr. Kapil Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor
Department of B. Tech. 1st Year & Applied Science
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Emp. Code :- 13315

M. Sc., Ph. D

Atomic Collision

  • Dhirendra Kumar Sharma, Mayora Varshney, Sweta Shukla, Kapil Kumar Sharma, Vipin Kumar, Anuradha Sha (2020-21). Assimilation of Yb defect states in ZnO: Structural, optical and magnetic investigations. Vacuum. ISSN:0042-207X
  • Dr. Sweta Shukla, Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Sharma, Dr. Vipin Kumar, Dr. Kapil Kumar Sharma, Ms. Ananya Garg, Mr. Pranay Verma (2022-04-01). Smart Architecture to Examine the health of the water body nearby villages. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202211018005