Dr. Kuldeep Sharma

Dr. Kuldeep Sharma

Associate Professor
Department of B. Tech. 1st Year & Applied Science
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Emp. Code :- 6111

M. Sc., Ph. D

Optimization Techniques

Kuldeep Sharma is a Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Sciences, KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad, 201206, India. He completed his Master’s and PhD in Mathematics from the Gurukul Kangri (Deemed to be University), U.K. in year 2005 and 2012 respectively. His current area of research is Operation Research. He has published many research papers in reputed journals and presented several papers in conferences.
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  • KULDEEP JAIMINI (2016-02-11). Analysis of Green’s Function and Surface Current Density for Cylindrical Microstrip Patch Ant. SPIN-2016. ISBN: