Dr. Archana Sharma

Dr. Archana Sharma

Assistant Professor
Department of B. Tech. 1st Year & Applied Science
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Emp. Code :- 18643

M. Sc., Ph. D

Fix Point Theory

  • Dr. Archana Sharma (2019-20 ). Sustainable outsourcing partner selection and evaluation using an integrated BWM–VIKOR framework. Environment, Development and Sustainability. ISSN:1573-2975
  • Dr. Archana Sharma (2018-19). An analysis of replenishment model of deteriorating items with ramp-type demand and trade credit under the learning effect. . International Journal of Procurement Management. ISSN:1753-8440
  • Dr. Archana Sharma (2017-18). A robust replenishment model for deteriorating items considering ramp-type demand and inflation under fuzzy environment. International Journal of Logistics, Systems & Management. International Journal of Logistics, Systems & Management. ISSN:1742-7975