Dr. Akanksha Agarwal

Dr. Akanksha Agarwal

Assistant Professor
Department of B. Tech. 1st Year & Applied Science
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Emp. Code :- 20900

M. Sc., Ph. D

Organic Chemistry

Dr. Akansha Agrwal is an Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Applied Science at KIET Group of institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad. She is a quality oriented professional with nearly 6 year of experience with the objective of knowledge and experience sharing with the students to gain more experience into the education, teaching and research field. She has Expertise in data interpretation of 1H NMR, 13C NMR, FT-IR, UV-Vis and Mass Spectra. She has technical Expertise in Synthesis/ Green chemistry/ Purification/ Analytical analysis/ Characterization of chemical compounds/ Docking studies.Her Research Interests are- • Synthetic Organic Chemistry. • Synthetis of Bioactive compounds. • Development of New Organocatalyst, Heterogenous catalyst, Nanocatalyst, Biocatalyst and their use in synthetic organic chemistry. • Green Chemistry. • Computer Aided Drug Designing, In silico drug discovery, Molecular Docking and QSAR.
  • Dr. Akansha Agarwal (2019-20). [Fesipmim]Cl as highly efficient and reusable catalyst for solventless synthesis of dihydropyridine derivatives through Hantzsch reaction. Journal Of Chemical Sciences. ISSN:0973-7103
  • Akansha Agrwal, Rajesh kumar pathak and Virendra Kasana (2021-22). Molecular Docking and Antibacterial Studies of Pyranopyrazole Derivatives Synthesized Using [Pap-Glu@Chi] Biocatalyst Through a Greener Approach. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering. ISSN:Electronic ISSN 2191-4281 Print ISSN 2193-567X
  • Suneeta Bhandari, Akansha Agrwal, Vipin kumar and Virendra Kasana (2022-23). [SNsipmim]Cl a new and highly efective, recyclable nano catalyst for single?pot three?component Mannich type reaction. Applied nanoscience. ISSN:Electronic ISSN 2190-5517
  • Akansha Agrwal, Anil Verma, Neelam Chantola , Shivani Verma and Virendra kasana (2021-22). Synthesis, molecular docking and extensive structure activity relationship of substituted DHP derivatives: a new class of herbicides. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B. ISSN:Print ISSN: 0360-1234 Online ISSN: 1532-4109