Mr. Rabi.N Panda

Mr. Rabi.N Panda

Associate Professor & Addl. HOD
Department of Computer Applications
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Rabi Narayan Panda is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Applications at KIET Group of institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad.
  • Mr. Ankit Verma and Mr. R N Panda (02-12-2020). A Recommendation Model For Aero Dynamic Design Of Structures Using Deep Recurrent Neural Network. Australian Patent. Application Number:2020102874
  • Dr. Naresh Chandra, Dr. Shashank Bhardwaj, Rabi Narayan Panda, Dr. Arun Kumar Tripathi, Dr. Vipin Kumar (29-10-2021). Intelligent Wearable Helmet for Early Stroke detection in Patients baed on Artificial Neural Signal . Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202111048294

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