Dr. Amit Kumar

Dr. Amit Kumar

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Applications
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Emp. Code :- 6085

Dr. Amit Kumar is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Applications at KIET Group of institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad.
  • Dr. Shashank Bhardwaj, Dr. Amit Kumar, Mr. Rabi Narayan Panda, and Mr.Naresh Chandra (2021-22). An Expert System for the Prediction of Mucormycosis by Using Neuro Fuzzy System. Design Engineering. ISSN:0011-9342
  • AMIT KUMAR (2015-09-20). DESIGN AND IMPLIMENTATION OF QPSK MODULATION BY USING MATLAB/ VHDL. International Conference on Innovative Research in ?Engineering, Science and Management (ESM-15). ISBN:
  • Dr. Amit Kumar (03-12-2021). BSN-CARE: A SAFE IOT-BASED RECENT HEALTHCARE SYSTEM VIA BODY SENSOR NETWORK. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202141052787 A