Dr. Vipin Kumar

Dr. Vipin Kumar

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Applications
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Emp. Code :- 6077

Dr. Vipin Kumar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Applications and Addl. Head (Skill Development) in SDFS at KIET Group of Institutions, Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad. He is running YouTube Channel Dr. Vipin Classes with 300+ videos on various computer technologies like, Java, Android Programming with Java, Android Programming with Kotlin, ES6 JavaScript, Mongodb, NodeJS, Kotlin, Go Languge, Python and etc. He writes blogs also at and with following URLs:
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  • Mr. Naresh Chandra, Mr. Amit Kumar Goyal, Dr. Vipin Kumar, Dr. Arun Kumar Tripathi (14-12-2021). BIOMIMETIC DESIGNED INTELLIGENT DRONE TO REMOVE WEEDS FROM AGRICULTURAL FARM PLANTS USING ARTIFICIAL. Australian Patent. Application Number:202021106121.9