Mr. Ankit Verma

Mr. Ankit Verma

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Applications
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Emp. Code :- 9363

Ankit verma is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Applications since April 2009. He has good interest in research as well as in web and software development. He has taught many subjects as Data Structure, .Net framework with C#, Web Technologies, MERN etc. He has developed 50+ websites. Won first prize of Rs-60000/- for Ghaziabad development web site development. He won GOLD Certificate with his team. They developed experiments on DAA Lab in e-BOOTATHON-02. They developed a solution to three problems for DAA virtual labs, organized by BIET Jhansi in association with AKTU Lucknow, IIT Kanpur, and REC Banda with the sponsorship of TEQIP III. Title of Experiments: Design and Analysis of Improvised Bubble Sort Algorithm Design and Analysis of Selection Sort Algorithm Design and Analysis of Heap Sort Algorithm
  • Mr. Ankit Verma and Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta (2019-20). Real Time Health Monitoring Systems: A Review on Disease Prediction and Providing Medical Assistance to the Patients by the Data Mining Techniques and Cloud IoT. International Journal of Control and Automation. ISSN:2005-4297
  • Mr. Ankit Verma and Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta (2021-22). Novel Hybrid Intelligent Secure Cloud Internet of Things Based Disease Prediction and Diagnosis. Electronics (MPDI). ISSN:2079-9292
  • Ankit Verma, Dr. Shashank Bhardwaj (2019-05-30). SMS Advisory System for Medical Assistance by Using Neuro Fuzzy System. IEEE-Innovative Applications of Computational Intelligence on Power, Energy and Controls with their impact on Humanity (CIPECH-18). ISBN:978-1-5386-6472-8
  • KIET Group of Institutions, Dr. Parvin Kumar, Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Astitva Nigam, Ashutosh Singh, Aviral Singh, Ashu Kumar (04.09.2020). Water Management System. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202011026118 A